About Us

We are a health and beauty self care line. Our line is 100% holistic, with thoughtfully approached ingredient profiles, handmade by the same women who use it themselves.  We have a whole body approach: mentally, physically & emotionally, we place our focus on the woman as a whole in order to provide a long term, sustainable nourishing lifestyle.  

Often we wait for a reason to practice self-care, when the truly self-loving method is to nurture with an ongoing practice. The Happy Honey Pot helps lay a strong foundation for more self care to build on. We hope to help break down intergenerational cycles of trauma by providing kits to teach women how to care for themselves. Inturn, this will allow women to pass down those examples and practices to their daughters, reframing the idea of self care and healing.


Our health and beauty line has a wide range of products. Teas, self-care kits, lotions and herbal bath soaks, our products guarantee quality while also being affordable to all women. Our lovingly made products will positively affect girls and women, and in turn will positively affect all of those around them. The Happy Honey Pot is infectious. This is our secret master plan: infectious positivity.

Love, Amanda and Britt